HOW you can help:

Discussion hosts - people who are excellent listeners, able to help facilitate a conversation where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion and be heard

Helpers - people who are present in the discussions, shadowing the discussion hosts, helping out with their table in any way needed such as running coffee, clearing plates, grabbing pens and paper

Hospitality - people who greet all incoming guests and guide them to their table, handle registration, work to make the space downstairs a warm and welcoming place

Set up and Tear Down - will partner with other teams to prepare the space, will be responsible for set up and tear down of audio and video equipment, can also be on other teams

Food and Decorations - will not have to make the meals, will help make every week's dinner table and room an inviting and beautiful space. We do need someone who would be interested in heading up this team and be in charge of ordering the food each week.

Prayer - people committed to praying for our team and for our guests, Alpha does not work without the Lord! 

Can't serve every Monday? Due to the Chelsea Festival using St Pauls for most of June, we will not be able to host the Alpha nights at St Pauls on June 5, 12, and 19. We need people who are willing to open their homes 1, 2, or 3 Mondays in June to host a discussion group of 8-10 people. Consider opening your home to host a group one of or all of these nights. You will not have to do a thing except open the door to us! We will take care of every other thing, from communication and materials, to food and clean up.

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