Thank you so much for your interest in leading and initiating a new project with TGC Chelsea! We would love to help clarify further your vision, timeline, audience, needed resources and expectations working with our staff, leadership and volunteers. Appreciate your thoughtfulness in this process to ensure a successful implementation and execution.

1. Name *
1. Name
Please keep in mind we only have St.Paul's space rented and paid for on Sundays from 1.30pm-to late evening. And Tuesdays 6pm-10pm.
Method: Large group, small group, 1-1, or some kind of combination? Tools: talks, studies, worksheet, etc. Itinerary: What's the plan for preparation? For execution? What obstacles or issues should we prepare for and how? Support: Staff, Volunteers? Additional Resources: Food, decor, etc.
8. Does this initiative need a budget?
(To cover food, decor, any additional communications or marketing etc)
If this project is a fit, we always support with communications, internal communications & marketing to the congregation, space of St.Paul's, help recruiting volunteers, and can do a walk through with you and assess needs/what we already have in terms of set up/decor stored in our basement. Any additional costs of food or marketing need to be discussed. We also do not usually design posters/flyers for additional projects but can support in finding volunteers if you are driving the volunteer management.