The financial counseling ministry exists to encourage and equip our church family to discover the freedom and joy that come from applying Kingdom principles to our personal finances. We partner with the rest of our Trinity Grace parishes to provide one-on-one financial counseling to help you create and implement a budget, devise a plan to get out of debt, and better steward your resources to cultivate a heart of generosity.  If you would like assistance with managing your finances, meet with one of our trained counselors by clicking below to schedule an appointment. 

If you would like an appointment please email

*The financial counseling ministry is a biblically-based free service offered to our church community. As a lay pastoral ministry, we do not provide in-depth financial advisement or expert guidance on long-term investments.

If you are a member or have been regularly attending at least 6 months or more and want to become a financial counselor please email us also at


Recommended reading for financial management:

  • Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey
  • Money, Possessions and Eternity, Randy Alcorn
  • Neither Poverty Nor Riches, Craig Blomberg
  • Sound Mind Investing, Austin Pryor
  • Your Money Counts, Howard Dayton


We long to grow in generosity so that it may truly be said that there were no needy among them. One of the most practical ways we are able to be the church together is to bear one another’s burdens, stepping in to provide tangible help in times of need. Our vision for the Deacon’s Fund is to provide not only crisis care, but the type of holistic support that enables members of our church to build sustainable lives amidst the daily trials of urban living. As we are installing more deacons across our parishes, we are improving our capacity to offer ongoing support to individuals and families in our community who face long-term challenges such as underemployment or health issues. Rent, food, utilities, Metrocards, legal help, medical bills and counseling were all covered in 2015, as well as care around deaths and births of loved ones.

The Deacon’s Fund is for those in need, available by submitting the short application below to our benevolence team.

If the need is immediate, please email us and someone will respond within 24 hours.