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Dear TGC Chelsea Community,

Eastertide is a season of anticipation — waiting for the Spirit to descend upon us and send us out into the world. Jesus instructed the disciples to wait for power to come. We join them once again for 50 days during this easter season, expectant of the day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Committing to the Gospel reading from the Daily Office lectionary, we follow the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. In the sixth century, Saint Benedict developed a meditative approach to Scripture reading called lectio divina (Latin for “divine reading”). This method prioritizes what God is speaking to us just as much as what God spoke to our ancestors. In other words, lectio divina invites the Holy Spirit into the reading as it moves the reader in four distinct directions: READ, MEDITATE, PRAY, CONTEMPLATE. Simplified names for these are READ, REFLECT, RESPOND, REST.

Before you begin this devotional, read the instructions on the next page. Then create an inviting/inspiring space. Perhaps this means lighting a candle, tidying a room, creating a playlist to underscore, and sitting in your favorite chair. Set a pen aside for the “REFLECT” and “RESPOND” sections. Open to the passage of Scripture, and give yourself to these four directions. 

May this Eastertide season find you full of expectation as we experience the arrival of Pentecost together!


AJ & the TGC Chelsea team