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"The world will know you are my disciples by how you love one another."

The Christmas Offering (running through to Jan 31st) is an annual tradition at Trinity Grace Church — our yearly opportunity to be generous beyond regular giving, with a focus on meeting needs in our church community, our city, and across the world.

This year we are giving towards the three main categories below. 

We intend to partner with other churches in NYC to bring to life these initiatives, and to see our city renewed by Jesus.

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Giving Progress
$7,000 / $10,000 goal


The Gospel Justice Initiative is an integral part of our commitment to confronting injustice in our city and across the world, seeking to address the systems and circumstances that keep people at the margins.

This is our ongoing commitment to join the work of God’s renewal through strategic partnerships with local and global organizations. Through this, we are not only extending mercy but also affirming the dignity of every human being and advocating for the disadvantaged that they might have the opportunity to flourish.


The Deacons’ Fund provides support for people in our church community who are going through a particularly difficult time, offering not only crisis care, but the type of holistic support that contributes to living a sustainable life amidst the daily trials of urban living.  Whether it’s providing groceries or a MetroCard, or helping with unexpected medical bills, this ministry enables us to steward our collective resources to ensure that there are no needy among us.


Our hope is to use part of Christmas Offering to support mission to love, serve, and invest into activities that invite people into the Kingdom. This includes specifically The Alpha Course and any outreach or international missions activities in 2018 that are aligned with our values.

The Alpha Course is a series of discussion sessions exploring the Christian faith and is designed to create conversation. Many have come to faith through this process of exploring and belonging, and we have witnessed the work of the Lord through the courses already held at Chelsea. Through this offering we will continue to look for ways to better and grow this ministry in our midst.

How to give

To contribute to the Christmas Offering, click below and choose the fund Christmas Offering — Chelsea.

You may also give by mail or in person at a gathering — look for a special Christmas Offering envelope. Thank you for your generosity!