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TUESDAY 7:00-9:00 p.m. St Paul's, 315 W. 22nd St. Community Hall

THE KINGDOM IN THE CITY: Theological Foundations And Imagination For 21st Century Flourishing. Led by: AJ Sherrill, Laura Cave and other Chelsea leaders (bellow). The large group learning will consist of watching a short video (7-10 mins) by Professor Michael Goheen who breaks down facets of what it means to seek the Kingdom of God.  From there the host will break the group into small groups for interaction around content and then gather everyone back for dialogue and concluding comments on the TGC perspective on the content.  It is my hope that this group both grow a new believer AND recapture the imagination of a mature Christian. (Bring your dinner if you would like)

CATECHISM COURSE (BAPTISM) For those interested in being baptized or desiring to learn the essential foundations of Christian theology. The course will take place in Ed Gungor’s small group

SMALL GROUP LEADERS: AJ Sherrll, Miriam Dumlao, Alex Hong, Laura Cave, Ken Prins, Bill Kerr, Kasey Taylor, Ed Gungor -Catechism


Earlier Event: October 18
Gathering at St. Paul's
Later Event: October 21