2018 Vision Campaign

Many thanks to our creative community: Director: Ariel Woodiwiss Script: Ariel Woodiwiss Editor: Tiago Viega Camera: Tiago Viega, Raymond Pendleton Voiceover: Mary Eden Music: Young Oceans, "Echo of Your Silence"



living for the glory of god, and JOY of all people

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we join God in the renewal the person, the church, and the world through the transforming love of Jesus.

We have an unwavering desire to see the fame and deeds of God made known in our city, in our time.

Join us in faith as we seek to resource this vision and mission. 


Our Goal

$120,000 by Jan 31, 2019

One-time or 12 month recurring donations

Current Status

$ 934.7 one time donations

$ 80 - recurring

THREE Ways To Walk in Generosity

1.Recurring Monthly Giving - Help our Church plan long-term

2. One-time Giving - Support our 2019 Church budget and financial reserve

3. Help us spread the word - Share this page by forwarding to friends, family, and listservs. 

Or feel free to copy & paste this to your emails/social media: 
Hi friends, I wanted to share with you my church family, TGC Chelsea, and a vision worth supporting! Please consider donating towards a church that is a source of radical love to many people in the heart of New York City. Find out more here. Thank you for supporting the continuation of light and hope in this big city. I’m grateful!